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Livro escrito em Inglês

"My name is Mariana Gonçalves. I am 22 years old.
I am from Portugal, Porto city to be exact.
All my writing is in English, because it's my favorite language, and it’s a international one, 
which almost everyone in the world can read.
This book is about my life, my feelings, my pain, self-knowledge and at the same time, 
stories that I created from situations I lived through others.
I want you to know my story.
I suffer from O.C.D (obsessive compulsive disorder) since I was ten years old. From there 
came the consequences of anxiety and lack of confidence. This last one has traumatized 
me since high school from others comparisons of me and my twin sister.
It was a horrible experience, for both of us. It wasn´t bullying, was kids being kids. But it 
branded me.
I still suffer from all these problems to this day.
And in the last few years, I suffered from loss and grief. My family lost a lot of loved ones 
in a short period of time. It´s been a rough journey.
As a hobby, I decided to start writing, as a distraction mostly. Became something more.
Became a desire to write more and more. After I finished this book, it grew in me an 
overwhelming wish of publishing my work.
This book has my heart and soul in its words. Stuff I couldn't say in other ways or meanings.
Mental illness, unfortunately, is still very misunderstood. Maybe this could help someone 
understand it a little better, at least it’s what I hope for.
I am so fortunate to have the sources to get help and most important my family understood 
me and tried right away to learn from me and with me. Still a work in progress both for me 
and for them.
This book, it’s meant to help others, people who feel alone or just had a bad day, week, 
month, year, or even a bad moment.
The making of this helped me a lot, i really hope it helps whoever or whenever someone 
reads it.
Started as song lyrics, still are to me. You can read it or think they are poems, meaningful 
phrases. I ask of you, to use your imagination.
It´s an anthology, can be anything you want, that’s the wonder of it.
This book is for my family, friends, for my late grandparents and my pets, or as I call them 
my adopted children. 
This book is a dream come true.
With love, Mariana Gonçalves"

I'm a sucker for sadness de Mariana Gonçalves

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